Sunday, 8 July 2012

Download Free NetQin Mobile Antivirus Now For Smartphones

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Download NetQin Mobile Antivirus Software for your Smartphones of Symbian Nokia, android and other mobile OS platform smartphone devices to give effective protection against all unwanted threats of malware bytes. Netqin mobile security program is now having the much improved fast and speed to scan your mobile device with one touch unlock protection. Netqin antivirus can quickly can scan, find and kills viruses of Trojan horses, worms, spyware and other forms of malware.
NetQin mobile security application operates real time scanning of viruses that would take take place in your mobile phone while you are browsing, opening malware effected sites links or multimedia message and immediately gives updates to your phone memory. The traffic monitoring application tool of netqin antivirus feature will monitor users data usage to prevent you from using too much and tracks the phone using GPS and you can wipe all of the data stored on the smartphone from a remote location. Apart from those it can also provide users data backup of all contact list to an SD card or allowing it into Netqin server.

  1. Netqin is packed with updated multiple scanning options that would enhance security levels of your mobile phone.
  2. Real-time info gives data usage on your device and cap a maximum data usage limit
  3. One-touch to optimize device performance in memory, CPU, and battery increase device efficiency by closing apps not used by the users.
  4. Free up drive with trash removal of unused files and picture messages
  5. Mobile anti-lost tracker
  6. Netqin single main interface screen allows access to all the major functions of the antivirus program
  7. Malware protection will automatically run in the background and it only alerts the users, in-case any problem is encountered.
  8. Easy interface and free customer support of 24x7

Friday, 6 July 2012

Download Symantec Norton Antivirus 2012 90 Days Free Trial Version

Symantec’s Norton Antivirus 2012 Program is popularly known for Proactive security, for both Internet threats and PC threats of viruses. After providing the worlds one of the best and most competitive desktop Norton Antivirus software 2011 Edition, it has released new updated norton antivirus 2012 in two trial versions (30 Days trial version and 90 days trial versions with serial key license)to reach its customers and provide better security alerts.

With so many advanced features Norton 2012 antivirus can effectively fight against all human and hacking software spam contents viruses not allowing into users PC. Norton AntiVirus 2012 Free 90 day Download version is absolutely free with activation code. It includes functions of free anti-virus deep cleaning technology, anti-spyware, Root kit Identification, Pulse updates, bot protection, network mapping and monitoring for maximum protection.
Norton antivirus 2012 new features- 
  1. Auto-Protect program Will keep viruses, while your performing financial online, buying products, publishing friends or linking on IM (Instant Messengers)
  2. Recovery Tools will permanently delete aged viruses that took place in your personal computer.
  3. Customizable control will guide you to select the option to go for preferred screen whether simplified screen or the one which guided for years, Traditional detailed view. 
  4. Download Insight 2.0 now gives instructions to how secure a download is before you put your computer at risk for crashes or other bad things to happen. 
  5. Bandwidth Management limits Norton's processes and updates when you have limited bandwidth or monthly downloads. 
  6. Functions that alert you, rapid Beat Up-dates analyze for new computer germs information every 5 to 15 periods 
  7. Installs in few periods and takes less than 10 MB 
  8. Network Employing app reveals you all the devices linked with your browser obviously one can recognize uninvited visitors piggybacking your program and taking data usage. 
  9. Avoids microbes, virus, spy-ware, trash e-mail, online thefts, phishing concerns, acknowledgement ripoffs and risky sites from your Desktop functions.

Note: Norton Antivirus 2012 Full Version license key has to be given by Symantec Norton that to when you have done purchase only.