Download Aro 2012 Free Trial

Aro 2012 is a freeware registry cleaner that can vanish internet browser viruses from users CPC and enhances the NTFS performance, start ups and workspace of Personal Computer. The powerful aro 2012 will scan and analyses the windows entities and effectively repairs and removes PC errors that are spam url links, junk files and web registry viruses.

Downloading Aro 2012 free web registry cleaner, it is unique in the matters of security functions to your PC 100% provides up to date security software for windows operating system. It includes antivirus, anti-spyware and firewall to protect users computer from accumulation.

Features -
  1. Aro 2012 free trial download will ensure security solutions installed up to date
  2. Cleans windows registry and speedup the PC
  3. Free Aro 2012 version will mainly focus on PC errors, registry and junk files
  4. Provides updates and tweaks the windows OS for better and ever faster PC performance
  5. It is checked against viruses and spyware
  6. Aro 2012 is compatible for windows XP, Windows Vista and both windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit)
  7. Browser compatibility Firefox and Chrome
  8. Freeware Software and makes users PC clutter free

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