Free Microsoft Office 365 90 Days Trial

Micrsoft has recently announced that they are ready to encourage SME (small business entrepreneurs) by providing Office 365 free 90 days trial offer which  is especially  for the organizations with 10 (or)) fewer members and is for new trials only as well for existing trials Office 365 will still be limited to 30 days . Hence Small business companies can now register or request a call for the trial of office 365 free trial.

Getting Office 365 90 day free trial, it makes all your cloud based company services secure so SMEs can access anywhere to email and calendars, Office Web Apps, instant messaging, conferencing, and office 365 tools make it easy to communicate and file sharing online with hassle free efforts. Office 365 free trail is a special plan for small businesses, to signup it doesn’t ask you any credit card details and absolutely free 90 days trial to enhance your business products and the free offer will end of February 2013. 

Signup here to get both Office 365 Free 90 Days Trial and 30 Days 

In addition, To know about the Premium services of Office 365 we suggest you to visit Microsoft Official Office 365 site…