Avast Internet Security Free Download

Avast internet security 8 is absolutely free download version to provide maximum internet threats, virus protection to users windows desktop computers. Avast internet security has powerful actions of antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-spam along with strong firewall protection that doesn't allow viruses dug your system.

Avast free internet security Features:
safe and secure online shopping and banking
surfing and chatting with friends on social media sites with out any virus fear
Provides end to end protection to your data and identity
Doesn't allow you to track/browse or make download videos/files on risky sites

System Requirements:
Except windows 95/98/ME.NT/2000 avast internet security is supported for all current running windows operating systems (including with both  32 - 64 bit)
windows8, windows 7, windows vista and for windows XP service pack 2 or higher edition

Minimum Hardware Requirements:
Pentium 3 processor
Space of 128 MB RAM (Random Access Memory)
600 MB of free hard disk space