Xvid – Download Video Codec For Windows Media Player

Have you been looking for best cross-platform video codec that will allow your media player to read the audio/video from a compressed movie/audio file by easily decoding it as well play in HD quality?  Just Download Xvid Code.

You read it right; the Xvid is a freeware software video codec for windows PC distributed under GNU Public Use (General Public License).  Xvid codec (VFW) is a user-friendly coder/decoder to play MP4 quality digital videos or movies via your windows Media player.
Being Xvid Codec an open source code for developers, it has the versatility of running on many platforms by making some changes in the code. It is totally ad-free and doesn’t transmit any of user’s data.

Xvid Codec for Windows features –
Having speed and high definition video compression rate tools, to give an example for users: If you are going to compress which is about uncompressed digital video and it requires about 100 GB per hour at PAL resolution. When you use Xvid for compression, the exact video would require nearly 500 MB per hour at extremely high definition quality and lets you play videos on home computers.
Xvid video can be shared via multiple portable devices such as DVD players
Let you playback of videos on your windows PC those are recorded with digital video recorders, cameras, camcorders as well with mobile phones too.
Share Xvid movies or videos to your friends on the network via internet

Xvid plug-in for chrome is also available for chrome users to play online movies.