Download Avast! Free Mobile Security 2014 For Android Mobiles

As we all knew that Avast! is the worlds most trusted free antivirus solution to keep users PC safe and secure from all unwanted malware and malicious virus attacks. Owing to this reason only over 200 million PC users rely on Avast antivirus products.

In the same manner, it is again Avast!2014 version of free mobile security is ready to give an unbeaten virus free protection for most recent using smart android mobile phones.

Having a smartphone in our hands, we are ready to go for online social chatting, surfing the web, making a download of favorite MP3 audio, video stuff,playing online games and even are making unlimited downloads and installing thousands of android applications in our smartphones.

Continuously connecting to web via mobile phone unknowingly we are also giving a chance to settle down harmful and spam malware viruses, phishing data in our mobiles; this could lead to reduce our smartphone performance or permanently damage your mobile software too.

Perhaps haven’t you known about all these things and if you can observe your smartphone condition after connecting internet without installing a perfect antivirus and now and you want to make your android device safe and secure. Its time to download Avast! Mobile Security 2014 Version it is absolutely freeware to give comprehensive antivirus protection for your android OS running mobile phones as well for tablet PCs.

To know more hereare Avast! Free Mobile Security 2014 key Features:

  1. Avast! 2014 Free mobile security provides strong antivirus protection for android phones without letting malicious viruses into mobiles mercilessly.
  2. Provides safe scans to check whether the mobile application is safe or malware virus included
  3. Tracks your stolen or lost mobile geographical location. Therefore using this anti-theft control technology you can easily recover your stolen mobilephone.
  4. Provides continuous web monitoring status on your mobile homesreen
  5. Warns you of infected websites
  6. Provides a strong firewall protection while you are doing online financial transactions, shopping, email chatting details hense no hacker can theft your online identity.

The best feature in Avast!Free Mobile Security is that you can control your stolen/lost mobile phone location details via web or through sending free SMS.

Switching to Avast! Mobile security premium pack your mobile will be armed with more advance security tools those are as follows.

  • App lock to control access to apps
  • Increase Mobile device Access security
  • Easily detect which applications use ads after installing in your mobile phone
  • Set a perimeter with Geo-fencing that means you can lock, siren, send location details when your mobile is stolen or lost.