Thursday, 20 March 2014

Download Quick Heal Total Security 2014 Free 30 Days Trial

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Download, install and run your personal computer with all in one total security walls that would strongly prevent viruses like breaching, stealing your personal identity online. If so desired to provide such antivirus pro featured solutions for your windows computer/laptop then you may opt for Quick heal total security 2014 free 30 days trial version.

Afterwards if you feel that your entire PC as well as your personal data is secured against threatening hacking tools and spamy programs then you could upgrade/buy official Quick heal total security 2014 for 1 year with serial license key/ activation code.

Quick heal total security 2014 free trial version includes the functions of comprehensive antivirus protection over malicious/malware included files, Trojans, worms, phishing links Anti-Spyware, Anti-Rootkit, core system scanning tools and silent firewall which doesn’t let suspicious program files/ dangerous unknown files settle down in your windows or Mac PC.

Quick Heal Total Security Key Features:
  1. Performs outstanding virus detection and permanent virus removal actions
  2. Quick heals best antivirus pro technology will give tough fight against Trojans, Worms, unsafe junk files and web downloads
  3. Blocks suspicious internet viruses that might could slowdown your windows PC performance
  4. Advanced DNAScan will check all program files whether they are infected or not from root level system drives
  5. Provides unbeaten and essential web security over data thefting, privacy hackers (fraudulent and phishing websites
  6. Provides cloud based email security hence you can easily verify the status and validity of your electronic mails data whether those are virus affected or not
  7. PC Tuner will speed up your system restore point at times start up not taking too much boot time and enhance PC performance
  8. Effortlessly detects and removes potentially unwanted applications from C drive
  9. Strong removable media scan for flash drives and other SD card storage devices
  10. Moreover Quick heal total security 2014 has simple and easy to navigate user interface to perform quick tasks
  11. Track your laptop where exactly it is located after you lost it or when it is stolen with affordable service pack
  12. Allows you to scan your android Smartphone directly from PC by having PC2Mobile feature

 The quick heal total security 2014 - 30 days trial edition is absolutely free for home users. If you are interested to install it you can directly get it from Quick Heal Store