ASUS BIOS Motherboard Update Utility For Windows PC

Have you been observing slow speed in your Asus system and seeking tutorial on how to update my PC bios using asus bios update. Yes with ASUS BIOS update utility you can save, manage and update BIOS for your windows running ASUS motherboards successfully that keeps your desktop computer/laptop PC Performance everlast fast.

ASUS BIOS Update key features -

with ASUS BIOS update utility you could save existing bios files and easily download latest asus BIOS files from internet/web moreover one can view BIOS version directly update the bios from online.

How to download ASUS BIOS updates from internet - ASUS download support

First Visit the Asus Download Support Page

>There Select ASUS board "Product" Series" and "Model". for ex: H87

>click the "BIOS" tab at the top of the page
>The most recent BIOS update for your ASUS board will be located at the top of the page. 
>Download it.
>After downloading it, un-zip it to your desktop for easy access.

>Now, You will see ASUS Update as it is when you open it up
>you will redirect to the drop down box list where you need to Choose "Update BIOS from a file". 
>After that click that file 
>Then you are asked to locate the file - select Desktop
>After that might show .ami files that could be on your desktop computer.
>Until you have downloaded other BIOS files, there should only be one, click it.
>Click "Flash" 

To do this function make sure you should have ASUS Motherboard in your system, disable current running security essentials like antivirus, close all windows programs and moreover before you update bios for PC ensure you have Administrator Privilege