Thursday, 29 May 2014

Download Avast! Premier 2014 New Edition Free Trial

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Avast! Premier 2014 new edition is a collection of most powerful Avast! Antivirus Pro new and improved Avast internet security essential technologies ever made by Avast! Software s.r.o

Avast! Premier 2014 – Free 30 Days Trial Version Features

Provides comprehensive protection over malware, malicious virus threats, spyware and against other upcoming virus signatures by simply delivering new intelligent new DynaGen antivirus technology 

Prevents online banking data hacked, scam emails and IT cyber crimes with safe zone 
Avast Secure payments and banking 

Silent firewall doesn’t allow you to open, download any sort of suspicious or phishing sites data/file from Internet  

Anti-spyware always keeps your system away from phishing sites, links and scope of scam of e-mail data 

Data Shredder with military –grade that can recover permanent deletion of your files from your computer hard disk

Moreover the program supports for automatic updates of your software whenever the latest version releases with single Click you can update with Avast software update manager supports for windows 8.1-7 both 32 and 64 bit versions

       When it comes to Avast premier 2014 full version, it is said to be the affordable security suite with Avast premier license key for 1 year offering one of the best antivirus protection over the internet for your email personal data and privacy (both online/offline) with built-in multi scan tools. 


Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Download Free Notepad-plus-plus 2014 Full Version For Windows

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Notepad++ or Notepad-plus-plus 2014 latest version free download - the free open source code editor and the best alternative for Notepad replacement to write, edit and personal text documents with ease. As many people knew that Notepad++ portable perform free text editing only but the thing is that Notepad++ supports for several computer programming languages under MS windows platform.

Here you can view Notepad++ 2014 new edition/v6.5 supported languages – XML, HTML, CSS, C, C++,C#, JavaScript, PHP, RC file, makefile, INI file, NFO, doxygen, ASP, VB/VBS, SQL, Objective-C, Pascal, Perl, Python, Lua, Unix shell script, Fortran, NSIS and Flash action script.


Notepad++ is a free text editor and extensive Plugin system allows viewing multi-documents 

Being Notepad++ is C++ enabled source platform supported for Win32 API and STL it can ensure develop or programmer higher execution speed and smaller program size with its user-friendly intuitive interface
The best feature in lightweight Notepad++ is that Syntax is highlighting and Syntax folding for HTML, CSS, ASP, JAVA in different colors and the program supports for multiple languages. 

Supports regular expression search and printing source code in color

Unicode, drag-and-drop and zoom in and zoom out support 

User defined syntax highlighting and auto-completion 

Macro recording and playback

Notepad++ Portable 2014-2015 Full Version for windows free Download 

>>How to Install Notepad++ 2014 full version for PC

Download Notepad++ new edition latest updates six.6 from Notepad-plus-plus

Save the Installation file on your Desktop

Then Double Click and run with Admin Access 

After that follow some on screen directions and at last Click on FINISH

That’s it now you experience the experimenting the art of coding in your PC with customized colors.

Note: if you are about know more Notepad++ news and updates you can login to official

Monday, 26 May 2014

Download Norton Antivirus 2014 New Edition Free Trial

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Having setup various windows essential antivirus for PC, there is no guarantee on blocking dangerous virus signs in our windows computers. Because day after day as security  updates evolves, as in the same manner opposite direction the emerging of new tricky PC viruses also raises to decrease your system performance. So what is to be done to keep our windows systems and laptops in safe zone? When the taunting question rises in our mind, we just try to download best of industry top antivirus latest version for PC available on the internet. 

Therefore If you are about ask me the suggesting better antivirus for windows desktop computers that would completely fight against malware viruses, Trojans, rootkits, spyware, phishing sites effectively and that which doesn’t slow down your PC performance without causing unexpected system shutdowns and unsupported program tools. 

 Then You are advice to download Norton Antivirus 2014 new edition free trial to avoid such PC threatening both online/offline viruses, cybercrimes, hackers and hacking tools. Yes The Symantec Norton is now one of the finest and most trusted antivirus suites used for security purpose around the world for home and business. Norton products are very popular for offering comprehensive Norton antivirus 2014 free trial for 90 & 180 days and Norton Internet Security 90/180 days’ trial version giveaways available to newbie on web and supported with windows 8-7-Vista and XP.

As download Norton AntiVirus free trial for 60 & 90 days software includes all full version premium quick scan tools such as 
1. Antivirus

2. Anti spyware

3. Antimalware

4.Anti-phishing protection

5.Anti-root kit

6.Trojan protection protection, safe net banking and complete web monitoring. In the same way the new edition of Norton Antivirus free 30 days trial version also is a package of powerful security functions that can defeat viruses and enhance your PC performance in best way. 

Note: - User could give a try for it if the product doesn’t let you feel pleasure then you can go for yet another security suite. So here you need not to search for downloading Norton antivirus 2014-2015 free 1 year license keys, serial keys or any cracked files to activate, at times running such third party generated crack files is at your own risk that might cause system OS damage or could lead to data theft.

 Norton Antivirus 2014 New Edition Free 30 Days Trial For Windows - Download

Download Movavi Video Editor 9 Freeware Full Version Trial

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Movavi Video Editor V9 2014 updated free download to experience the better movie making and editing tools on your windows computer. Now Movavi video editor suite supports MOV video clips along with alpha channel so one could easily switch or overlay animated frames and moving objects on selected video.

Installing Movavi video editor latest version, you could best make use of video editing tools to create awesome video libraries and albums. The program supports adding, splitting, cropping and joining user interested own movie clips right on the screen with ultra-intuitive user interface. 


Movavi video editor 2014 new edition includes video quality enhancing automatic filters, so you can easily apply light and contrast, Zoom effects and manually adjust different video parameters to try multiple video clips on single screen

Easily Split crop, join and add MP3 music titles on zoom in path timeline 

Import and save 2D and 3D videos in any HD format and transfer them to CDs-DVD
Apart from those using Movavi Video editor 9.0 S.E (standard edition) you can capture videos from Televisions, VHS files, camcorders and record your friends’ live audio or music files 

Share videos directly to social video sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc…

Create your own slideshows within less time

Movavi Video Editor for WindowsFree Download 

Friday, 23 May 2014

Download Norton Internet Security 2014 New Edition

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Many people knew Symantec Norton is popular for Norton antivirus free trial for 90 days and 180 days thanks giving giveaways with full version security functions for worldwide users. Norton antivirus/internet security trial versions would not let PC viruses or internet malware ahead and phishing sites, intruders steal your privacy as well doesn’t let your PC performance decrease.

Norton Internet Security 2014 download with just one click install process to give tough fight against latest internet viruses, spywares, root-kit, Trojans, malicious virus attacks, unnecessary bot threats and cyber crimes.

Download of free Norton Internet Security 2014 you need not search for Norton license keys because Norton includes all most high performance enabled online update security tools such as antivirus, internet protection, spam blocking, identity blocking, anti-phishing for personal email links and blogs to keep your system safe and clean with virus free zone.

Apart from those Norton users can also get Norton Internet Security 2014 free download offline protection and firewall tools for more read a few interesting security functions

Norton Insight frequently checks files and applications in your PC whether preinstalled program files are virus affected or dangerous to proceed
Firewall Security doesn’t let you download suspicious virus included media files directly from internet or web

SONAR behavioral protection will speedily identify and remove/deletes or blocks such threatening virus signs in your PC

When it comes to Privacy issues, advanced Norton Online Safe Pay that always   safeguard entire all your banking, shopping transactions which deal with your web or bank credentials

Safe Web alert you when you are about view/open any unsafe website or blog

Scan your social community blogs links like Facebook wall and news feeds when require

Download Norton Internet Security 2014 new edition or else you could give a free 30 days trial

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Download Free UC browser v8.6 For All Mobiles

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Are you seeking to download free best, secure, stylish and reliable mobile internet browser for mobiles then you are suggested to install UC browser 8.6 for all mobiles in the universe. The Chinese mobile UC web browser is now hitting new levels on internet with having 500 million mobile users over the world.

Perhaps your mobile default web browser couldn’t make the world in your palm with fastest internet access within your mobile internet data plans then UCweb browser 8.6 is ideal for all mobiles including Symbian v5 S60, Nokia NSeries multimedia and Java J2ME mobile phones to go beyond the expectations.

The best thing is that you can download Free U C browser 8.6 new versions for high performance based iphone, Samsung Galaxy Note mobile Phones, android tablets to low end Java/jar platform mobile phones which have mobile WAP connectivity and multimedia features.

UCbrowser v8.6 has stylish new user interface to go on internet with letting you to experience the fastest mobile internet speeds by its proprietary U3 kernel everlasting boostup tools.


>Open multiple tabs and use shortcut keys

>View maximum WebPages in full screen mode and has scroll button to easily 

>navigate from one page to another

>Experience night mode transformation when you feel that you are under dim light

>Have a preview of images before you download

>Uc browser 8.6 free download supports offline media download

> introduced well  optimized virtual keyboard for smartphones/touch screen mobiles just for example Samsung galaxy, Samsung note, Samsung trend, Samsung star pro, windows Nokia lumia, Asha series mobiles and etc… 

>Supports for watching 3gp, MP4 videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other popular video sharing sites

>Built-in UC download manager ensure all your documents, images, videos and media files download in faster way without wasting time

>Create bookmarks to revisit the webpage again

>Removing recent searched web history is now easy with UC browser web cleaner

Download Java Runtime Environment 2014 Update Version For Windows

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Are you seeking to download free Java Runtime Environment 2014 – JRE most updated latest version for your windows. Being Java an open source and secure scripting or object orient programming language for different web platforms runs on millions of personal computers, mobile and TV devices. You could download Java SE/standard edition for windows PC to experience java enable applications/applets, games and view images in 3D, utilities you need to download, install Java Runtime Environment.

But the thing is that installing Java runtime environment for PC, you can only execute previously developed programs but you have no chance to compile the java applications. To avoid this it is suggested to download free JDK 2014 latest version – Java development Kit which also installs JRE. So installing JDK we can write, develop, compile and execute java applications through database connections.

Using fast, secure and reliable java program, web developers could develop and run various internet and business applications on hosted servers - Standalone applications, Web applications, Enterprise applications, Mobile applications.

How to download JAVA SE Runtime Environment 7 for windows computer/laptop

It is as simple as you install windows programs from internet with a few clicks

Visit the Java SE JRE Official Oracle Publisher Download Page

There you must accept Oracle Binary Code License Agreement for Java SE to download

After that select operating system windows 32&64 bit OS, Linux or Mac OS

Then just Click on Download Button – That’s it then install Java SE for PC according to onscreen directions

Note: if you could have option to download Java SE via offline Installer

Download Free Java 2014 - 2015 Latest Version

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Download Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 Free 180 Days Trial

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Recent times Bitdefender is one of the best accredited essential antivirus solutions used around the world to safeguard the windows PC against both online/offline unsafe virus threats including privacy thefts.

Getting ‘Best Antivirus of 2014’ from AV, Now Bitdefender offers a promo full version of Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 free 180 days trial i.e. BIS 2014 free 6 months trial to new users around the world to best make use of Bitdefender idle security tools to keep user system safe and secure from unwanted spyware, malware/malicious viruses, phishing sites and Trojan and root-kit attacks.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 free 180 days trial includes award winning Antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, Cloud anti-spam and quick virus scan, detection engines to remove malware viruses, junk files annoying other tricky virus affected programs and suspicious spam moves completely from your windows PC

Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 free 6 months full version trial includes the all essential security tools normally where as you get BIS 2014 1 year licensed key updated functions such as Bitdefender safe Payments for secure banking and online shopping karts transactions via debit or credit card – keeps all your web credentials safe and protects your online identity/privacy from hackers and intruders

Search advisor for safe results at times blogs would have malware ahead program so visiting those sites could slowdown your PC performance, could happen unexpected PC crashes or at could lead data theft via hacking and phishing links

Two way Firewall protections doesn’t let suspicious programs take place in computer via suspicious internet hosted sites

Social Network Protection will monitor all your community forums and blogs

USB immunizes to clean virus infected USB media drives

Future BIS updates will always keep your PC armed with all necessary PC Tuneup tools and security updates to give effective protection over virus attacks

BIS Giveaway Offer Valid From 20-05-2014 To 21-05-2014 Only


If your Just Missed Then Go For 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Download Eset Nod32 Antivirus 2014 Full Version Free 100 Days Trial

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Now Eset Nod32 antivirus 2014 full version is absolutely free for 100 days trial with proactive protection tools to start rival fighting against unwanted cybercrimes, virus threats, malware attacks, PC worms, spyware, and phishing sites/data.

If you have been looking for an extended Eset nod32 antivirus full version trials for your windows PCs instead of 30 days trial like 90 days and 180 days promo trial versions available online Yes You can now get – the award winning essential Eset node32 antivirus free 100 days trial version for your windows PC that would be ideal for long time i.e. 3 months with fast and powerful virus detection/removal tools.

Literally Nod32 Antivirus full version Free 100 Days Trial ensures to give safe online protection while you work, play online games, download media files, browsing the different social network blogs, performs efficient and powerful scan in terms of exchanging data/personal information via removable devices.


Eset will keep your internet browsing safe and secure having strong security solutions such as – Antivirus, Anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-theft, strong social media scanner, firewall blocker to stop suspicious virus included media files directly into the PC

Anti-Phishing security essential doesn’t allow third-party software links/cyber crimes take place in your e-mail through external/internal way

Provides essential security tools to safeguard or keep your online identity private with New Anti-Phishing that make sure your entire sensitive information – web credentials, usernames and passwords of bank and credit card details will be safe

Removable Media scans for CDs, DVDs, USB and other external devices to prevent virus threats and unauthorized file copying

Top speed performance PC scan along with different Modes

Exploit blocker; Cloud powered scanning and Parental control

24x7 support via online chat

Generally to download Eset Nod32 Antivirus 2014 latest version for 1 year with username and password or license keys priced around INR.1290.00. When it comes to Eset Nod32 antivirus 7 free 100 days is absolutely promotional and freeware to get all premium functional security essential – Device controller, advanced memory scanner, gamer mode and anti-phishing includes fast antivirus and enhanced virus detection over targeted malicious attacks.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Download McAfee Internet Security 2014 Free 180 Days Trial

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Having installed or setup all essential security suites for your windows desktop computer/laptop, still have you been worrying about your internet Privacy hackers, email data hackers and cyber scams; then here you are suggested to give a try – McAfee Internet Security 2014 Free 180 days trial version which is absolutely freeware 6 months user subscription based premium functional antivirus solution for home PC users that can effectively identify, block, remove virus signs quickly from your system.

McAfee security solutions are one of the top antivirus software used for windows personal computers around the world to give total protection against all new emerging both complex offline/online virus threats. Many PC users knew that McAfee internet security 2014 offers ultimate total protection over malicious virus attacks, spam websites, phishing data, identity theft and other online spyware threats.

McAfee Internet Security 2014 Free Trial key Features-

Netguard security will let you surf the internet without any tensions 

Offers comprehensive active McAfee antivirus protection technology with accelerated PC performance tools to keep your PC safe from unknown virus threats, Trojans, Viruses, spyware, malware code attacks

McAfee shredder will scan suspicious vulnerable virus moves in preinstalled program files

McAfee site advisor will alert/sign you when you are about to visit any dangerous, malware included blogs or download pages

Provides anti-spyware and e-mail filter

Effective parental controller over user restricted content

Better anti-bot protection including with social web monitoring 

real-time McAfee antivirus, anti-malware, firewall, spam filters will protect your PC as well your online identity/privacy

Quick virus identification and blocking system to prevent data thefts and Slow PC performance issues

At times McAfee internet security raises PC slowdown issues

Normally if you are interested to download and install McAfee Internet Security 2014 full version for 1 year with official license key along with future security updates is priced around $79.99. But McAfee offers 6 months subscription based official online security suite under free of cost those who can’t afford or buy/purchase 365 days protection.

How To download McAfee Internet Security 2014 free 180 days trial version – It is as simple as you get genuine giveaways from the internet.

First Visit the McAfee Giveaway Page – There you are asked to create NEW McAfee Account, having recently created web IDs such as gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail create it

After completion of McAfee registration, you are asked to place order – Just Click on Place My Order button

After that Go To registered mail and confirm your McAfee account  

Now Go back to McAfee Registration Page and Press on –Go To My Account

Soon after that you will redirect to McAfee online installer file – make a download and start installation/run in your PC with admin access

That’s it you made it simple – doesn’t cost single penny from your pocket

Before going to give try for 6 months trial, you could also get McAfee Internet Security 2014 Free 30 Days Trial Version supports for all windows versions