Download Google Chrome Portable 2015 New Edition

Get Google Chrome Portable 2015 new edition

Download latest Google Chrome portable version 2015 for Windows, Mac systems. Google Chrome portable edition let web users to run web pages and applications ever before speed on internet with lightening speed. If you have been experiencing difficulty in discovering new things on web with your default system web browser, then you could download Google Chrome Portable 2014 new edition as trial for your PC and then you could share your experiences with Google Chrome.

As netizens around the world knew that, Google Products are always most reliable to use and worthy on internet. In the same way Google Chrome 32 designed to be the package of portable browser with simple and stylish new UI and along with built-in sophisticated technology to make the web browsing easier, faster and secure while you open the new web pages, files, download links and privacy etc…

In this latest version of Google Chrome portable 2015 features include – Quick to start up, safe browsing, runs web applications faster than ever, one box search box for everything i.e. type in the address bar whatever web content or web page you want and get suggestions, bookmark and access your favorite sites instantly via thumbnails of recently viewed sites, import settings, surf web incognito mode, loads web pages with fast, new tab pages and new windows (ctrl+shift+N), add themes to browser, applications shortcuts,  add extensions, plugins, crash controls and user defined help etc…  

The new edition of Google Chrome Portable full version 2015 released browser is ready to make people experience the ever before fastest internet surfing by accelerating users web browsing with Google chrome portable app for various cross platform enabled operating systems including mobiles. 

Download Google Chrome Portable 2015 New Edition-Updated Full Version for supported operating systems: Windows8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux and Mac X

Download Google Chrome Portable 2015 latest version For Windows

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