Saturday, 7 March 2015

Download Smadav pro 2015 Free 30 Days Trial Version

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Download smadav pro 2015 free 30 days trial to provide protection against virus threats that might set up your PC danger zone. Earlier versions of Smadav  pro 9.8 (2014) free 30 days trial has failed to get automatic updates. The latest edition of SmadAV 2015 Rev 10.0 lokal antivirus provides an additional layer protection for your computer as well USB flash disk.

SmadAV pro 2015 free download is lightweight and able to quickly run even you have already installed other popular antivirus software in your system. As SmadAV installer is offline use alternative security solution very helpful in detection of virus threats when your premium antivirus product fails to scan external discs against emerging malware virus attacks.

Another best feature in SmadAV pro 2015 free trial is that you can make sure your PC isnt infected by launching on-demand scan. Includes safety measures of antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, registry error notifier and other virus removing tools to give maximum computer defense at all levels. Scan depends on your interest scanning modes are versatile Quick scan, full scan, activate turbo scan, system area, system & program area with outstanding virus fighting security. At advanced setting you can even set exception list or mention particular path of the file you need not to scan.

As SmadAV free antivirus comes with limited security functions you no longer get auto-update virus database and you will not have access to advanced settings to get extra level security for your system. For that you need to purchase/register SmadAV free and SmadAV pro 2015 antivirus with free one year license key/serail  activation code file.

SmadAV pro 2015 free 30 days trial download features

  • Notify you how many suspected files have scanned as virus threat including file path with risk level status
  • Faster scanning mode detects and fixes potentially unwanted virus signs
  • When you get online easily check for updates for enhanced (SmadAV virus detection list)
Download SmadAV free antivirus 2015 10.0 free 30 days trial - Free Download

SmadAV antivirus pro 2015 reg 10.0 free 30 days trial version - Free Download

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Download Google Chrome 40.3 2015 Full Version Installer Browser For Windows, Mac

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Download Google chrome 40.3 2015 Installer full version update. Google chrome is widely installed free download web browser for different platforms or computer operating systems. Google chrome is also available as portable apk for android, iOS, Windows mobile phones.

Google chrome is a fast, simple and secure web browser specially built for the modern web by Google runs web 2.0 pages and programs with ever before speed allowing safe web browsing on your desktop computer. In Google chrome 40.0 the browser has stable channel update for Windows, Mac and Linux along with those contains a bundle of browser security fixes and improvements for secure browser activities you done online.

Some of the advanced features of Google Chrome 2015 free download
  1. Google chrome browser launches quickly from your computer, loads pages speedily using Webkit open source rendering engine and runs applications at speed with powerful JavaScript engine.
  2. Instant Search from the same search box or address bar and get search suggestions soon after you type keyword or website name
  3. Chrome auto fill lets you assist in filling web forms even could save web credentials
  4. Performs quicker search and fast navigation options the simplified google chrome browser UI
  5. Chrome web store includes all trending software applications where each and every web user regularly get into download android apk from store, check personal, business mail at Gmail, YouTube for entertainment, blogging platform where you can share info, language translate, google+ for your social community actions, Google drive for online data storage, Google search with maps will guide you to end to the Earth and more.
  6. Very strong privacy feature is an added boon for chrome users, when you are online with Google chrome incognito mode
  7. another handy and secure feature in the Google Chrome is its privacy browsing. History, cookies, passwords, downloads, searches and cached content will be automatically deleted soon after system shut down
  8. chrome user can easily create short cuts to web applications and even sync browsing information, bookmarks, themes and settings across different devices.
  9. Signing to google chrome browser you can access all of Google products i.e. one account for all of Google apps

Google Chrome 2015 installer system requirements
  1. To get Google chrome browser updated version you should have internet connection
  2. download and install Google chrome setup via online or offline installers for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8 both x86 and 64 bit versions.
Download Google Chrome 2015 for Mac – Free Download