Microsoft windows 8.1 pro Full Version 32-64 Bit Trial Edition

Windows 8.1 is an operating system developed by Microsoft Company. Microsoft windows 8.1 released in trial and professional versions. 8.1 is an advanced full version of windows 8. On April 8 Microsoft introduced the 8.1 version with all previous updates and included new features. Trial version works 90 days and professional works with license key.

Microsoft windows 8.1 included new features and various enhancements. Update Apps built in the desktop. Starting screen shows all apps with their relevant icons. These apps are useful to the user to connect that site directly without a browser.  Visible search and power buttons are included in the start screen. Image viewer and media player programs updated to Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Media Player.

The opening screen has a start button, shut down and sign out options. Here toolbar is invisible but every app has a title, bar minimises, and close button. These buttons are built within the App and shows at the top of the screen. Task bar shows the opening multiple browsers

windows 8.1 pro 90 days trial

Main Features you get you download Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro 32-64bit

  1. Apps: It has a browser, email, health, and fitness social media site apps like twitter and face book, calculator, Sound recorder, scan, Ms. Office with Outlook.
  2. Camera access from lock screen: User can click the image directly in the screen
  3. Xbox Radio Mix: It creates a play list for songs. This app supports to create a new radio station. Xbox Radio integrates with Internet Explorer
  4. Smart Search: It displays relevant apps for your query
  5. Food and drink: You can browse recipes, tips, from world famous chefs.
  6. Multi Window Mode: you can able to see multiple apps at a time on your screen.
  7. Health and Fitness: It includes this app with 1000 yoga poses and health tips.
  8. Windows Store: It includes all apps with entire info and search option
  9. Keyboard Gestures and Auto Predict: You can access both alpha and numerical mode at a time without leaving the touch screen
  10. New Pc settings menu: All pc options arranged in one to navigate easily including Bluetooth.

Pros: Microsoft Windows 8.1 is an excellent operating system. It is an advanced version and easy to navigate all features.

If you’re looking to get run on Windows 8.1 pro you could go for buying official Windows 8.1 pro product key 2017 at authorized retailer stores.

Conclusion: Crowds of users installing Windows 8.1 Pro OS 

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