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AutoCAD is introduced and designed by Autodesk in1982 as desktop software. It runs on micro computers with internal graphics controllers. AutoCAD is computer aided-design software. Especially it is developed for architecture, construction, manufacturing, media, and entertainment industries. Initially it was released as a desktop version later it was released in online. Architectures, engineers, graphic designers work with AutoCAD software. Simply it is computer aided drafting software. Engineers called as drawing software.


Autodesk Company released AutoCAD with six new features. The latest version is more comfortable to users.

Autodesk Desktop app: It updates software automatically. User can learn software skills through video and inbuilt info. People can access forms and knowledge. While working with software user can send feedback to Autodesk in online.

PDF TO DWG: This is a new feature in 2017 helps to convert PDF format to AutoCAD files such as geometry and text files. User can customize this easily.

SHARING DRAWINGS: Professionals can share the drawing by using Autodesk 360 to share a drawing you should login into Autodesk

MAKING CENTRE LINE AND CENTRE MARKS: AutoCAD 2017 makes centre lines and centre marks easily by using command CENTER MARK. To create a centre mark you can use circular object. By using a command CENTRELINE you can create a middle line between two objects.

MAKING 3D PRINT READY FILE: Spark technologies are introduced 3D printers. It supports only 64 bit machines. Autodesk print studio prints all types of 3D print ready files.

autodesk autocad 2017

MIGRATION CUSTOM SETTINGS: You can do custom settings and easy to understand all patterns and interface.

ENHANCED GRAPHICS: AutoCAD 2017 is enhanced in 2D 3D graphics and a increased performance and special visible features.

Pros: AutoCAD is architecture software.

Cons: AutoCAD developed with huge number of features and hard to learn without guidance. Costly software to buy

Conclusion: The best software for architectures, engineer’s industrialists, AutoCAD professionals.

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