Corel paint shop pro 2018 is free editing software. The user can edit their images and graphic designs. People are editing their photos and adding music according to their need. Corel paint shop pro inbuilt all photo editing tools. The user enhances their images using colour palettes, brushes, gradients, patterns, and textures.

Nowadays for social networking sites, people are posting their images in different styles. People are changing their original images into various patterns to look beautiful. The users changing their original colour into fair by using colour effects.

what is Corel paintshop pro x8

Enhance images instantly
Nowadays photo corrections are necessary to look fair. The image corrections create a custom look with time-saving. Multiple adjustments turn our image into fashion. Photo painting tools easily change your image into effective. Photo affects Painting styles, brushes, the variety of colour palette modifies into the original image.

Batch processing
Photo editing software controls huge collections of photos at a time with batch processing tools. Batch processing system saves a lot of time.

Raw Editing
Corel paint shop control over RAW images, Pro camera Lab, and a huge preview option

HDR tools
HDR photo shows multiple ways of the same scene

Lens corrections
Lens correction tool corrects misshapes automatically

Makeover tools
Makeover tools remove red-eye, blooms marks, wrinkles, teeth whitening, skin toning.

Instant Effects
Instant effects change the photo in the perfect manner in a variety of styles.

Graduated Filter tool
Graduated filter tool applies gradient effects to your images.

Selection Tools
Selection tools help to change the image in selected part and paste the other image in a selected area

Photo restoration
Photo restoration tool works as a scratch remover, applies contrast colour to faded photo and repairs cracks in the image.

corel paintshop pro x8

Pros: Corel paint shop x7 free download works fine and is essential for people for ultimate photo editing tasks
Cons: Graphic design applications are slow and importing functionality is weak.

Conclusion: Corel Paint shop pro 2018 is an ultimate photo editor

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