Download DFX AUDIO ENHANCER 13.08 Full Version Trial

Dfx Audio Enhancer boosts the sound quality to your system by increasing it with 3D surround sound, eminent fealty, and deep thriving. Easily install DFX and enjoy sound quality and clarity. DFX enhances the sound of websites, music, videos, Internet radio, games, video chats, and other programs. Dfx Audio easily access videos, sound lyrics and discovers new music. DFX Audio Enhancer increases playback quality on your system. It also enhances the sound quality.          

DFX Audio Enhancer Full version Features

Easy To Manipulate

DFX Audio Enhancer is easy to modify to our personal expectations. Simply install DFX and play music, videos, and games. DFX has an option in settings as fine-tuning and clarity for music. DFX has a perceptive interface with tooltips to guide the user.

Advanced DSP Sound Quality Enhancement Effects

DFX sound quality is extraordinary. Audio and video songs sound is exceptional. General features of DFX are more useful for the user.                       

System-Wide Enhancement                                                                        

DFX sound effects work for all your favourite commercial websites and social networking sites, Search Engines, Games sites and media sites. Such as, Facebook,, Google Play, Movie trailers, you can hear all themes in music. Especially people who stay in abroad and for online education classes are using Skype. Skype creates voice problem while running, so DFX is essential for Skype users to avoid voice problem.

Professional Equalizer
Professional Equalizer has to come to adjust the frequency in audio electronics.
The DFX Gold Edition released professional quality equalization to system users.
DFX Gold Edition has Mix Magazine Award-winning multiband EQ. It is useful for Grammy Award-winning engineers.

Speakers and Headphones Modes:

Speakers enhance sound effects that to spread the sound to the whole area. Speakers allow you to get optimized sound effects for your hearing environment.

Finely-Tuned Music
Finely-Tuned Music Presets helps to adjust the sound system as per our listening taste. The user can change, create and save the musical settings. It allows you to import and export your personal expectations

Dynamic Sound Spectrum Analyzer
Sound Spectrum shows the DFX sound increases and displays frequencies of your music.

Powerful Audio Processing Modes
DFX now inbuilt two new audio refine modes, Sound mode and speech mode. Speech mode is suitable for films, talk radio and audio books. Sound mode is used to increase the sound of a modem.

Stylish, Shapely skins
DFX Skins enhances the listening experience of your flabellum media player. Using this you are sure to get a perfect theme. The user can easily create their own according to the instructions.

Pros: DFX Audio Enhancer is perfect tool to increase sound Quality

Cons: DFX is Essential to buy but the price is a little bit high.

Conclusion: DFX Audio Enhancer is mandatory to all music lovers, video chats,

for online trainers. 

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