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Icecream screen capture Review

Ice-cream screen capture is the best software to take screenshots and video record from the system screen. Video capture edits shares images and videos instantly. Video screen capture is a digital recording of system screen output. It also has audio narration. Ice-cream company developed this tool so; it is named as Ice-cream video capture.


Why screen capture?

Video capture is easily saved online audio video files from the Internet. So, you can listen and see the files when you are in offline. You can edit your images files as per your need.
Recording tools.

Video capture records the video and audio files both in online and offline. Recording quality is high and easily saves our files instantly and you can use it anywhere at any time. You can capture your videos from system screen and saves it to the hard drive. You can send the recorded videos to many people.

icecream screen recorder for PC
Ice Cream Screen Recorder v4.9

Editing tools

  • Video capture is the best editing software. You can edit your photos as fair and glow. Edit video files with music and after editing, you can enjoy your own videos.
  • Users are posting these editing videos in social networking sites and send their well-wishers.
  • Educational videos
  • Video capture is essential for students to download online teaching classes and some student will learn through YouTube for their important lessons

Icecream Screen capture functions

  • The user can record videos as AVI, WMV, FLV, mpg, mp4, and other video formats
  • People capture screens from a webcam, network IP camera or video input device
  • Video capture software records the screen and selected part.
  • The user can record both audio and video files at a time or in alone.
  • You can add your own text headings for audio and video files.
  • Colour settings
  • The user can record the music to video screenshots.
  • The users remake their own videos for audio files and change color settings.
  • People can change their photo size according to their need
  • You can create your own photos and videos anywhere at any time.
  • You can see the modified screenshot instantly while doing the editing, according to display screenshot you can change the settings.

Pros: Video capture is more useful for all users in our daily life both in personal and official.
Cons: Recorded data in our mobile or in our system is insecure.
Conclusion: The best handy device to our needs

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