Tableau Data Visualization Tool Made Easy for Business Insights

Tableau is a database relation tool developed by Tableau software. It is in the business of providing interactive data visualization products. It is originated in the United States. Tableau mainly focuses on business intelligence by delivering simplified data visualization solutions to the organizations.

What Exactly Tableau Data Visualization Tool is and it’s Importance?
Have you been thinking about data visualization techniques to quickly communicate data insights of your project? No need to worry about presenting business data in user engaging way, just go for Tableau Data Visualization Tool which can easily communicate your business directory information as well encode the databases into visual object i.e. in the form of pie charts, infographics, fever charts and many graph types. Tableau reporting ensures people see and understand data in the new interactive way.

With the help of tableau data visualization tool, you could easily analyze Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 static and so far operated marketing strategy reports of your business finance Insights. It delivers charts with visualized mapping content that all individuals and even a non-technical could easily understand large amounts of complex data in single infographic image and finally come to know what exactly the organization position is now and what is to be done to reach the preset goals by viewing large complex data in simple image content.

Now, Tableau offers 5 main core products that are ready 24x7 for diverse data visualization needs. These five products can be accessed by working professionals and organizations. Below are the product lists.

1.    Tableau Desktop: It is designed to use for individual
2.    Tableau Server: Collaboration for Organization
3.    Tableau Online: Business Intelligence in the Cloud
4.    Tableau Reader: Allows you to read files save in Tableau desktop
5.    Tableau Public: Anyone can publish interactive data online

How many data sources can be connected to Tableau data visualization dashboard?
Tableau can easily connect to almost any corporate business data source such as Text, Excel sheet, JSON, Custom sql, Google Analytics and from basic to advance cloud databases to big data queries. In addition, Tableau gives you access to connect and perform data analysis on your Live Data.

How to create first data visualization using Tableau?
As we knew, Tableau is used in across industries including but not limited to financial services, consumer products, technology, and entertainment. Once you have installed full license desktop copy of tableau you’re all set to create your first data visualization with tableau tool.

Import data from connection source
After successful upload click on Update Now tab which is shown below
Once files have been uploaded to tableau, click on sheet1 for variable selection include on rows and columns.
That’s it now you can measure data reports and furthermore go for analytics based on your interest.

Tableau Data Visualization Pros:
·         The configuration and usability is very simple as you install Windows applications from web. To use Tableau data visualization tool you don’t need to be a tech expert. Delivers stunning user recognized high data visualization animated graphs that give you quick and meaningful insights.
·         Connectivity with Other Data Sources that include Excel spreadsheets, Text, CSV, SQL databases, Cloudera Hadoop, Firebird, Horton works Hadoop, MS SQL Server, Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, Teradata etc.
·         Access over Internet
·         Multi-dimension visual mapping
·         Provides real-time security for user data
Appmajix, hope you got a basic illustration over “What is Tableau?” on how to create own custom made data visualisations with Tableau reporting for business insights. If, you’re novice searching for Tableau tutorial beginners guide don’t worry we’re here to cover all topics in the next blog updates to give much more Tableau Training sessions.

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